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Juice | Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer

In our recent article entitled ‘Outlander Phev’ – we explored the post process of a project that was executed entirely in CG within a very tight time frame.

This time we are discussing another Mitsubishi film that was executed in 2019 through a process of mixing both in-camera live-action footage (shot by Juice’s director, Michał Misiński, on the high plateaus of the European mountains) and a lot of CG elements, bringing a series of seamless solutions to an impossible task.

Juice | Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer

A year has passed since the first Mitsubishi film, the studio has created eight ads for various car models, and there was no indication that 2019 would surprise the team. 

However, in 2019 the studio received one of the most challenging briefs from Mitsubishi’s agency. A storytelling piece for the Mitsubishi Engelber Tourer concept car.

The storyboard called for sweeping shots of the vehicle driving in exotic locations on spectacular roads around snowy alps in Switzerland. The vehicle was already being produced in the factory, but wouldn’t be available, or visible, until its unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show in a month.

Juice would recreate the journey in the Czech Tatra mountains or in Germany. Charging through snowfields, across long beautiful scenes of bridges across rivers, over dams, and deep forests.

The story required footage of a snowboarder cutting through mountain snow, a couple of tourists arriving at their cabin, and other moments.


Only one wall of the building was built on location as the people arrive in after the day out on the road with the rest of the lodge created in CG. The dam, a distant village, and a cute deer slightly startled at the vehicle in the distance were also completely CG.

The landscapes were actually the easy part. The human action, specific snow-covered Alps, and roads could be gathered in Europe despite it being in the high-season. As for the car’s form, it looked like the only option was to capture the car on a quick shoot in Germany, while the concept vehicle was transported through Europe.


Scanning the concept car on a green screen would allow it to be captured and reconstructed in CG. Without having the car available, the location filming was limited to collating a directed library of empty landscape and road shots and placing the CG Mitsubishi vehicle later.

Adhering closely to the storyboard as a guide, the team of experienced VFX artists built the CG Mitsubishi Engelber vehicle at their studio headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, which had to be absolutely perfect, complete with lighting, reflections, and color matchings. There were several angles of the vehicle, showing both inside and outside, which the team spent the most time making, even parts of the cockpit and the electric plug system.



Juice created a visual storytelling treat for Mitsubishi’s Engelberg Tourer vehicle, showing it driving through the snow in Europe, on highways and off-road, all without the vehicle at hand. 

Juice | Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer

Some inventive cooperation and lateral thinking helped the studio deliver an exciting result that also saved 34% of the budget. They had only four weeks to complete the 30-second spot which was premiered with the vehicle itself at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019.

Juice | Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer

“Often the decisions made in conjunction between the CG artist and production specialist, benefit client, and agency, while still delivering on the very tight deadline. And as we all know in today’s film and commercial world, times are not extending but constantly shrinking. Whatever solutions we might have to accommodate that – especially if they are in sync with cost-saving, we believe them to be the future of approach to the motion picture.”

Adam Tunikowski, the CEO and co-Founder of Juice.

如何让一部数据扫描构成的概念车 在雪地里风驰电掣?

我们发表了聚思工作室(JUICE)的第一篇题为《Mitsubishi 2018》的文章 – 讨论了在一个非常紧迫的时间里完全用CG去执行的项目。
这次我们想同大家展示另一个关于三菱的作品。该作品是在2019年通过实景拍摄(由JUICE导演Michał Misiński 在欧洲山脉高原上进行拍摄)并结合了非常多的CG元素混合而成,为几乎不可能完成的任务带来完美的解决方案。

首部三菱广告片圆满收工已有一年,Juice工作室又为不同车型打造了八部广告大片,2019年看似一切都在意料之中。然而,2019年年初,Juice就接手了充满挑战的新项目:为三菱代理方的三菱英格堡旅行概念车(Mitsubishi Engelber Tourer)打造一部宣传大片。