Approved Vendor

Mert Kizilay

Turkish-born, Los Angeles-based. Mert has a solid background in fine arts, his interest in mixed media expanded rapidly to experimenting with different materials, different animation techniques, digital art, live-action, stop-motion, composing, you name it he tried it. Initial 3 years of experience in the motion design industry, got him recognition, awards and drove him into the direction of Los Angeles, where for the past few years he progressed from a young generalist to creative director.

He specializes in designing & animating the opening titles for feature films and TV series – Tomb Raider (2018), Robocop (2014), Mile 22 (2018), Defiance (2013) to name a few.

A mix of technology and conceptual thinking plays a large role in Mert’s work kept hidden under captivating storytelling and strong attention to CG craft.