Approved Vendor

Marcin Karolewski

Marcin graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław where he expanded his skills in Graphic Design department. As the Art Director at Juice, Marcin works on development of many of company’s most important projects, guiding the illustration and animation teams. He was responsible for artistic vision and direction of a hand-drawn style music video for “Liquid Song” by Őszibarack, featuring the power combination of 2D, 3D and frame by frame animation. Also worked with the Wachowskis on Cloud Atlas where he co-created environmental visuals for parts of the movie.

In 2014 he created concept art and designed the characters’ outfits for two animations promoting Sochi Winter Olympics, commissioned by BBC, for which the studio received the prestigious BAFTA award. His most memorable work in video game industry consists of art directing the Escape Dead Island cinematics and producing number of illustrations for highly regarded Witcher 3. Most recently he worked as the Art Director on the animated full feature “Privisa”. The teaser for the project was presented during the Cartoon Movie in Lyon and was very well received by the audience.