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A rising film director based in Thailand, known for her captivating storytelling, fashion sensibility, and vivid, edgy visuals with a hint of rebelliousness. She is a filmmaker who fearlessly executes bold and impactful visual concepts, and her work profoundly resonates with viewers, especially Gen Z.

With a BFA from KMUTT and an MA in Filmmaking from the esteemed London Film School, both earned with distinction, KORN has equipped herself with a solid foundation in the art and craft of filmmaking.

She has established strong connections within the advertising industry in Asia, having worked as a creative for influential agencies such as Ogilvy Asia and Wunderman Thompson Thailand. It’s apparent that her commitment and skill are reflected in her exceptional work for Heineken, as she was recognized with four creative awards in the Asian market.

KORN’s directing career took off with numerous commercial projects for renowned brands like Gucci, Sunsilk, Pepsi, Halls, and Colgate. Her distinct visual style and ability to bring narratives to life have made her a sought-after director in the industry.

In addition to her commercial work, KORN has been involved in various creative endeavors. She has directed music videos, dabbled in fashion film, and contributed to the HBO writer’s room for a rom-com film series. Her talent and dedication have been recognized with the selection of her feature art documentary by NOWNESS. The film, funded by Purin Pictures and the Ministry of Culture, is currently making waves in the film festival circuit.

Looking ahead, KORN is eagerly working on a groundbreaking three-episode experimental documentary series titled “Murder Babes.” Set to premiere in 2023 on Netflix, this crime documentary series marks a significant milestone in Thailand’s filmmaking landscape.